Residential Plumber in Monroe, CT

When you need a plumber, you don't want to wait. Call the Plumber LLC offers 24/7 services in the Monroe, CT, area to keep your water running and your family comfortable. I am a residential plumber, and I personally handle every job, meaning that you get undivided care and attention with every call.

What I Do

I offer full-service plumbing services, whether you need a drain unclogged or an appliance replaced. I'm familiar with the unique challenges posed by a New England winter, and you can call on me to winterize your plumbing system or de-winterize it come springtime. I can also tackle frozen pipes and water heater needs to keep your home functioning safely all winter long.

If you have a plumbing problem you can't find or identify, I use video pipe inspections to find problems and repair them at the source. This way, I can clear clogs or remove invasive tree roots without damaging excavation of walls or property.

Even if you don't have current plumbing problems, I can help ensure that your system stays functional with preventive maintenance or regular inspections. If you know that your home's plumbing is getting on in years, it's best to keep a close eye on things to prevent problems.

Do you need plumbing services? Call me day or night at (203) 767-5639.